Escape Diaries: El Nido, Palawan Part 1

by - January 09, 2017

Looking back, 2016 has given me a lot pf opportunities to travel and explore the Philippines. I don't want to sugarcoat traveling - it requires a lot of your time and finances. Traveling pushed me to save up. Hence, last year's trip to El Nido, Palawan with Ravonni happened.

So let me tell you a little backstory of our trip. Initially, we were just planning to visit Sagada which also tops my travel bucketlist. During that time, Rav was only available on weekdays and booking a trip to Sagada on weekdays is impossible given that there's only the two of us and weekday trips are considered exclusive trips. Upon checking Facebook, there were promos for Boracay tour but we ended up booking for El Nido. Weird, aren't we? 

So we partnered with Funtreats Travel and Tours for this trip. Rates may vary depending on your planned date. Airfares change rapidly. Prepare at least 7,000 to 8,000 but don't you worry, you can avail an ALL-IN Package with that amount. That includes the airfare, hotel accommodation, Van Transfers, and Tour A. 

If you haven't been to El Nido yet, maybe you're wondering what Tour A is. In El Nido, there's the Tour A, B, C, and D. Tour A is the cheapest and most basic one. If it's your first time to visit, then Tour A is a must. Tour A includes the lagoons - Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, and Big Lagoon. You will also visit the Shimizu Island and the Seven Commandos Beach.

What was supposed to be a 5 am flight became a 6am one due to some delays, I know right? The aircraft also stayed in NAIA for a while since Puerto Princesa airport will open around 8 am if I'm not mistaken. From Puerto Princesa, we still went through a 5 hour transfer to El Nido. Don't fret! There will be a meal stop for lunch. 


From the El Nido Van Terminal, we still have to ride a tricycle to our hotel. We checked in at Lolo Oyong Pension House and it was a good choice since it was near the city proper of El Nido and that means less cost on meals! Oh, our hotel comes with a free breakfast by the way.

Overall, I could rate my stay in Lolo Oyong with 4 out of 5 stars, Our room was cozy and clean. There were a variety of breakfast options and it is near the city limits! Everything you need is just a few blocks away. The staffs were friendly too.

We rested for awhile and headed to our first destination, Nacpan Twin Beaches.

I'll share this on a separate post.

Till next time! :)


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