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Those who have known me for such a long would probably know for a fact that I adore Hello Kitty and the color pink so much. At this day and age, there are a lot of pop up stores and cafes that features Hello Kitty theme but this is actually the first time that I've been in one.

If I haven't shared it yet, my sister in law is from Angeles Pampanga and the last time we visited the area, they took me to the Lovely Cat Cafe. I got really excited the moment I saw the sign and the exterior of the cafe is definitely worthy for the gram so I took the opportunity to have my photo taken.

The place is too pink for my life. I should've worn something else if I knew we would be going here. A pastel outfit would match the place. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect but during our visit, there were only a few costumers so we had the liberty to take photos of the place without judging eyes.

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View from outside
A Hello Kitty custom made sofa and a huge Hello Kitty statue awaits her lovely customers

Ate Mina, Mom, Lucas, and Yours Truly

They also displayed a collection of Hello Kitty plushies on their walls

Hello Kitty Everywhere!

The food is not disappointing too. We had chicken pops on top of an Iced Tea. How cool is that ya'll? The only thing that annoyed me is that we actually ordered for a 1 piece chicken meal with rice and Iced Tea and this is what we got. Anyway, they also offer drinks and pastries but this is the only meal that we've ordered since we're not really into sweets and we're not that hungry.

KPOP music videos are playing on their flat screens. I think Lucas enjoyed the show. :)

Even their toilets are Hello Kitty Themed! :)

If you are around the area, try to visit Lovely Cat Cafe. Overall I give them the 3 out of 5 stars rating ★★★✰✰ just because my order wasn't served right. :( Plus, I haven't tried the other meals yet especially their drinks. But still, this place is worth seeing.

If you love Hello Kitty too or if there are any characters themed cafes/restaurants that you really love, let me know on the comments.

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