We Lose Someone Along the Way and That's Okay

by - February 10, 2017

I might give people the impression of being a strong woman. Someone who speaks her mind, tactless, and probably doesn't even care about how others feel. Let me tell you now that you are wrong. I am actually very sensitive, anxious, and has a whole lot of feelings bottled up inside my heart. In this age of social media, people express their feelings and share how their day went through it. I wonder how they were able to share the death of their relatives through Facebook. It's like, you validated their loss which I can't personally do.

This is the first time I'll speak with the online community about our loss. On what I thought was just a usual Thursday morning of February 2, the Lord called my uncle home. I was already in the office and my mom and I were exchanging text messages when she broke the news to me. I was heartbroken and I felt my soul was crushed into pieces. The only word that I said during the call was "WHY". It was a sudden loss and nobody expected it. I recalled the last time I was speaking with him and look for signs but there isn't any. And that makes it even harder to accept, nobody expected it.

The whole week was a blur. But there are a few things that I've learned from this experience:

  • CRY. You are hurt. You are broken. It's okay to cry and don't mind others.
  • Always make your parents feel that they are loved. I was heartbroken for myself but what more for my cousin? 
  • Make this pain draw you closer to God. Although it's hard to understand what his plans truly are, know that He always gives us what's best.
  • Never ignore signs or symptoms of an illness. We didn't know why my uncle had a sudden a heart attack. We didn't know that he's not feeling well. Always seek for medical help.
  • Never underestimate the power of family at the end of the day, you only have each other.
  • Losing someone too soon is painful but look closer because there's a blessing behind your loss.
  • Know that you are still connected by love no matter where your loved one is right now.
So if you were able to read this today, go and tell them how much you love them. Don't wait until your time together runs out. 

I would also like to take this time to express my gratitude to everyone who extended all the help that they could give to our family during this time. Maraming salamat sa inyo! Ninong Andy may have left us so suddenly but I believe he is with us through spirit, I know he's smiling in heaven with Tatay Bon. We'll be holding on to that thought and we'll all get through this as a family.

Ninong Andy, we thank you for sharing your life with us. This love will keep us all together. <3

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