Escape Diaries: Bakasyunan (Tanay Rizal)

by - July 07, 2017

I want to share some photos I took of Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay Rizal. So our company had a late summer outing and out of the many choices, this resort won. Honestly, I wasn't able to take that much photo because the travel took so much of my energy. I was super tired and I had zero energy to get out of our villa and mingle with the rest of the team. In short, I passed out half the time of the entire vacation.


 Their infinity pool is kind of like on a mountaintop but it was pleasant to look at.

We had experienced a mishap on the way to Tanay. Apparently, our tire was not in a good shape even before we left but nobody saw a flat tire coming. Good thing, a concerned fellow traveler stopped us to mention about our tire and another good thing is that we weren't stopped in the middle of nowhere.

Manong helped us with it! It took us about an hour to fix the tire.

We were still blessed that he willingly helped us since we were an all-girl group.

Although the trip was tiring, I can say that the resort was nice! It has a beautiful view and the pools were spacious enough to accommodate several companies who went for a team building the same day as us. Apart from the pools, there are also different activities that you can do here which is a plus to any resort that I went to.

Looking forward to more swim breaks!


Ria ♥

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