Selfie Expert? Finally Switched to OPPO F3

by - September 27, 2017

My trusty Iphone 5 is already overdue for an update. I knoooooow right? But who cares, it's still working despite the battery issues, may powerbank naman eh! Right? But then, the battery drains easily even without using the phone and for a person who has an 8am to 5pm work daily and the chances of being assigned for events outside the office is really high --- I needed a phone who can last a day. That's when I've finally --- FINALLY decided (HAHAHA) to upgrade my phone.

I got my phone through SMART Plan -- I'll share my experience with Smart on a separate post. For the meantime, here are the top reasons why I've decided to switch from Iphone to an android device -- The OPPO F3!

Oppo claims to be the #SelfieExpert and I kid you not! They truly are! Oppo F3 has a dual front camera which made it easier for a GROUPfie.

Still not convinced about how crisp clear your selfies can be? Here are more details!!! yay for the 16MP front camera. This one's great for video calls too. Already tried it! HUHU. 

You may ask me, how about the rear camera? Of course, I considered this one too. After all, I need a phone with a great camera for my blog. Here goes! The expert mode, you guys! It's awesome. At first it's kind of tricky but then once you get a hold of it, you'll love it for sure!

Aside from the camera, here are a few more details about the phone.

There you go! I really love it so far. Another thing that I loved about switching to an android device is how I can customize the look of my phone (to match my Mike Wazowski phone case ^_^ )

If you want to know more about the Oppo F3, you can visit

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my based on my own with the device. 

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