Where She Went

by - February 23, 2018

Whoa, I can't believe when the last time I opened my blog and shared an update was. To be honest, it took me a while and a few blog reads to relieve my passion in writing something here. With the turn of events, I just can't let my blog go. This has somewhat become my creative outlet and where I could shamelessly share my thoughts. 😀

So what really happened the whole time I was MIA? 😕

I can't remember much of it, really. I have this habit of placing all unpleasant events in my subconscious before it eats me whole. Though I have to admit that I've been in a really difficult situation towards the end of 2017 and of course, in the early months of 2018. 😭 I will not share most parts cause ain't worth it 😒. I took a break from the internet. I took a break from everything that breaks my already broken self 😶 lol. I must say that it paid off. I realized that Social Media plays an ugly game. People will only believe what they've read, they will never ask for your side. 😭

The time I was away, I relieved my love for paperbacks. ❤ I loved Taylor Swift even more.❤ Most importantly, I recognized the best people in my life. It's not about the number of humans that you interact with daily, what matters is that despite having only a few people in your circle you never feel alone. Another thing is, I chopped of my hair and I have never been this confident in a while. ❤

Life doesn't get better in an instant. Bills, problems, issues - they are all coming my way and at times it really gets exhausting. If you are in the same place as I am right now, just keep going. Several times I admit that I want all the hurt to go away already. I thought there's a much better place for me. But then I looked around, I saw my dogs wagging their tails everytime I get home, I saw my mom patiently preparing my meals for the day, my dad who checks up on me from time to time - that's when I realized that life isn't so bad after all. Just believe in yourself and have faith.
Philippians 4:13

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