A New Tattoo

by - March 31, 2018

Memento Vivere

Love while you've got love to give
Live while you've got a life to live

I've got a number of stories to share but I don't know where to start. Okay, so let me start by sharing a quick update on what I did the whole time I was away from my blog. Major life events gave me so much stress that I needed to do something for myself to lessen my burden. Hence, my new tattoo!

This is my third tattoo, you can read about my first ones here. I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration and I swear, Pinteres is sinful especially if you aren't allowed to get a tattoo. There are just too many beautiful ones there.

So why this one? Hmmm. I got this to remind me to continue, despite the continuous setbacks in my life. This is to remind me to just keep on fighting and that everything will get better in the end. 💜💜

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