The Sunday Currently Vol. 01

by - April 01, 2018

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Happy Easter everyone, as promised I'm really trying my best to revive my blog. This is a great therapy for me as well because instead of negative stuff, my mind is focused on words. Blogging uplifts my soul so much. 👯

Anyway, I'm looking through my old blog posts earlier and I told myself why not start a series all over again. Among everything I've tried in the past, The Sunday Currently is kind of my favorite. I reset the series since I am too lazy to reupload the previous ones. ❤❤❤

So here it goes:


I'm still reading Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow, it is a good book that I can relate myself to but there are just too many distractions. I feel like I can finish it in one sitting without the random shenanigans.


I am drafting new blog entries. That is how much I wanted to make a comeback in the blogosphere. Also, I'm writing random stories to de-stress myself. 


I'm listening to my dogs bark. Kidding. Right now, I saw this new Jesse McCartney song Better With You and it keeps on playing in my head. Which reminds me, I have to download it right now. Hello, it's Jesse freakin McCartney. My 16 year old self is so kilig right now.


If I am to be honest, right now I am watching Sunday Pinasaya. To my readers outside PH, it is a Sunday Comedy Variety show and anything that makes me laugh is my favorite. hahahaha


Thinking of what to wear for work tomorrow and whether I should go to the dentist before of after work.


Nothing at the moment


I could make it!!!! I'll update once everything's completed. Please pray for me.


I get the best one. Not for me, but for the people I love.


My favorite pambahay. An oversized striped blue shirt and my PINK shorts.


The random explore videos on Youtube. Try it!!!


To go out of town!!!


To take a bath, and while I a typing this -- I need to cook afternoon snacks for me and my grandma.


Anxious -- this is my default feeling these days. 


I am blog hopping since the start of my break. 

See you all next Sunday for another The Sunday Currently update.
Credits to the owner of this series template. 👯

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